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*Aluminum:  Non-returnable aluminum cans, frozen dinner trays, aluminum foil, pie pans, aluminum siding and lawn chairs, etc. can be recycled.  Please rinse and flatten.




*Corrugated Cardboard:  Flatten boxes and tie into bundles.  (No waxed cardboard or shoe boxes).




Ferrous Metals:  (Steel) Quantities in excess of 100 pounds or individual pieces in excess of 40 pounds must be delivered to the Roseburg or Reedsport landfills.




Non-Ferrous Metals:  (Brass, Copper) Please remove all plastic or steel materials from non-ferrous items.




Glass Bottles and Jars:  Remove lids.  Rinse and sort bottles and jars by color, unbroken.  It is necessary to remove lids but not necessary to remove labels.  Please do not include window glass, light bulbs, pyrex, mirrors or drinking glasses.  Must take to the Reedsport landfill.




*Magazines:  Place in paper bags.  Do not mix with newspaper.




*Newspaper:  Tie in convenient size bundles, or place them in paper bags.  No plastic bags.  Do not mix magazines with the newspaper.




*Mixed Paper:  Place in paper bags.  This includes advertisements, junk mail, envelopes, white and colored paper, file folders with the plastic removed.   Do not mix with magazines and newspapers.  This cannot include paperboard ie., cereal boxes, soda pop cartons.




Used Motor Oil:  Collect used motor oil in a non-breakable container, with a tight fitting screw top lids.  Automatic transmission fluid and hydraulic oils can be mixed with motor oil for recycling.  (Recycling motor oil is the only legal way to dispose of it in the state of Oregon).




*Plastic Milk Containers:  (l.) Remove and discard the caps.  (2.) Rinse the inside of the plastic milk containers thoroughly.  (3.) Crush and flatten the rinsed milk containers.




*Plastic #1 and #2 Containers:  (1) Bottles must have necks on them.  (2) Remove and discard the caps.  (3) Rinse the inside of the plastic containers thoroughly.  (4) Crush and flatten the containers.




*Tin Cans:  Rinse, remove the label, open both ends and flatten.  These steps are necessary to recover the tin.  (America has no domestic source of raw tin.)




Yard Waste:  Separate yard waste, (grass, leaves, plants, brush and tree clippings, etc.), and place at the landfills or transfer sites in the designated area.  (Plastic bags are not compatible with the tub grinder.)




E-Waste:   Electronics Disposal – Effective January 2010 can be taken to the Reedsport Transfer Station.








Waste Wood:  Please separate all wood demolition materials, (wood/lumber waste from remodeling, construction, etc.), and place at the landfills or transfer sites in the designated area with yard waste.  To avoid damage to the tub grinder the removal of bolts, nails, wire, anything metal, plastic, etc. is requested.




Recycling services are available to the customers of Southern Oregon Sanitation in the Reedsport city limits only.  This service is also available to non-customers at a charge of $4.55 for a month.  The recyclable items that are starred(*) on the reverse side are items that they will pick-up if placed in the Blue 65 gallon Comingly Recycling container. Please see container for how to prepare items for recycling.  Please have your Comingly Recycling container out by 5:30 a.m. the same day as your Refuse service.  It is picked up on a weekly basis.  Absolutely no plastic bags, gas, oil or glass.




The hours of operation for the Douglas County solid waste facilities in our local area are:


            Summer Hours (April – October) 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


            Winter Hours (November – March) 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


            Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday


            Closed ALLCounty Holidays


            Phone:  271-2272




Disposal fees:


Waste tires:      $2.00 ea. and up depending on size


Petroleum Contaminated Soil: $72.00/permit + $60 a ton (Taken at Roseburg only)


Soil:  $9.00/ton – limit ½ cubic yard at Reedsport Transfer Station


Residential Sharps:        N/C in approved sharps container, will receive new sharps container


Asbestos:         $72.00/permit + $60.00/ton - residential (Taken at Roseburg only)


                        $72.00/permit + $60.00/ton - commercial (Taken at Roseburg only)


Construction/Demolition waste – $15.00/cubic yard


Appliances – Residential small $5.00/ea., Residential large $15.00/ea., Commercial $25.00/ea


Mattresses - $8.00 per unit (mattress or box spring)




Disposal fees, also apply to the following items: hot water heaters, large appliances, and old car bodies and parts.  For current fees on these items, notify the County disposal site or go to  Fees are listed under landfill.






                                                                        (In Reedsport Area)                  


                                           TOTAL MATERIAL COLLECTED 2012


1. Sunrise Enterprises collects all recycled materials at the Reedsport Transfer Station and is taken to Roseburg.  The recycling collected is not measured for volume.

 2. Southern Oregon Sanitation collects curbside recycling in Reedsport and in 2012 collected 212,690 lbs of recyclable material that did not go into a landfill. In 2011 we had 140,120 lbs. collected. 




Recycling saves energy, reduces air and water pollution, and conserves natural resources.  We all enjoy our state's natural beauty and natural resources.  You can make a difference by participating in recycling that will make our community a better place to live.  Our nation's landfills are approaching or exceeding their capacity.  By recycling you can significantly reduce the amount of material flowing into our landfills.  You will also be extending the life of our natural resources.  Recyclable materials are sent to a variety of industries and made into new and useful products.  Become a part of the recycling team.             


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