Urban Renewal District Agency

Statement of purpose

The City of Reedsport Urban Renewal Plan has been prepared to further encourage infill, rehabilitation and redevelopment that is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations adopted by the Reedsport City Council. The Renewal Plan is intended to guide the provision of infrastructure necessary for the orderly and proper improvement and redevelopment of the District. Through implementation of the Plan, economic development will be stimulated by the elimination of blighting conditions, provision of supporting public facilities, and general improvements in the overall appearance, condition, and function of the District.

The Reedsport, Oregon Urban Renewal Plan presented meets the requirements of Chapter 457 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. The Plan also complies with other federal, state and local laws pertaining to urban renewal plans.

Goals and Objectives of the Urban Renewal Plan

The primary goal of the Reedsport Urban Renewal Plan is to improve the economic health, condition, and appearance of the Reedsport Urban Renewal Area and to eliminate existing blight and blighting influences in order to strengthen the Reedsport economy. The following goals and objectives more specifically identify the purposes of the Reedsport Urban Renewal Plan but shall not preclude the ability of the Urban Renewal Agency to consider or develop other appropriate project improvements within the Reedsport Urban Renewal Area.

Overall Objective for the Urban Renewal Area

The Urban Renewal Plan should provide for a more attractive shopping, dining, living, working and recreating environment. The improvements to the street scape and utilities, redevelopment of under utilized properties and new businesses and residences will provide for a variety of shopping and living opportunities, in the Old Town, the Umpqua riverfront and on Highway 101.  The adequate provision of utilities to the entire district will assure that the quality of ground water is preserved, sanitary waste is properly treated and storm water is managed in a manner that enhances downstream water quality.