Public Works



The City provides facilities for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists around the community. To do this, Public Works provides the following services:

  • construct and maintain the street system
  • provide and maintain bicycle paths and lanes
  • ensure that proper street name, speed limit, traffic control and directional signs are installed and visible
  • maintain accurate pavement markings
  • repair sidewalk deficiencies

Each of these services include a variety of tasks or maintenance activities. The majority of the activities we perform are directed by the community's values and the need for safety.


Water System Maintenance involves locating main lines, repair of water distribution lines, periodic main line and fire hydrant flushing, installing and maintaining water meters and ensuring that all work, whether installed by City crews or private contractors, is undertaken in compliance with applicable Health Division regulations. The Public Works Department is also responsible for monthly reading of all water meters for water utility billing.  Planning for future development.  Providing a safe and adequate supply of water to the citizens of Reedsport, Gardiner and the Winchester Bay area.  Ensuring that the water quality meets or exceeds local, state, and federal regulations.

Waste Water

The Wastewater System is comprised of three main components:

  1. The Wastewater Collection System collects the all the sanitary wastewater from residential, commercial, and industrial drains and transports it to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. 
  2. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is where the sanitary wastewater is processed before being discharged into the Umpqua River. 
  3. The Storm Water Collection System collects rainwater through catch basins in the streets and the many urban creeks in Reedsport and transports it directly to the Umpqua River, without being processed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Quality Monitoring 

The City conducts over 10,000 tests on water samples every year to ensure a high quality product and compliance with all State and Federal regulations. Most tests are performed on-site at the Water Quality Lab; others are contracted out to certified testing laboratories. Reedsport wastewater consistently meets or exceeds all regulations for effluent quality. In fact, the quality of the treated water that the City returns to the Umpqua River is oftentimes cleaner than the river itself! 

Storm Water

The City's surface water utility diverts rain water (storm water) runoff to minimize flooding and erosion. Storm water infrastructure includes inlets to collect storm water on streets, pipes, and urban streams to move the water through the community to be discharged into the Umpqua River. 

The challenge for the storm water utility is to balance the need for flood control with the desire to maintain urban streams for fish and wildlife habitat. The revenue to support these services comes almost exclusively from user fees charged on the monthly City utility bill. 

The Public Works Department performs a variety of maintenance activities to ensure the storm water utility operates at peak performance to minimize the impacts of storms on the community. Here are just a few: 

  • Pipe inspection. A video camera is inserted into a storm line to assess the condition of the pipe. This is a key component of a proactive maintenance program because problems are identified early and maintenance can be scheduled before operation is disrupted. 
  • Catch Basin Cleaning. Catch basins are storm inlets in the street used to direct the rain fall to the storm water collection system. Debris gets trapped in the catch basin sump and must be periodically removed to minimize urban stream pollution. Clogged basins have a reduced capacity which will eventually cause back-ups and street flooding. 
  • Flood/High Water Response. Emergency response to flooding and/or high water conditions includes cleaning catch basins, cleaning storm line outfall structures, and removing obstructions in urban streams. 

If you have questions about drinking water or the wastewater systems effluent water quality, or would like a copy of the City's annual drinking water quality report, call 541-271-3603. The Public Works Department urges all customers to use water wisely to help assure an adequate supply of clean water for the future.

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