Planning Department

The Planning Department reviews, approves and coordinates land development activity in accordance with the directions and requirements of the Reedsport Municipal Code, Comprehensive Plan and other relevant plans and guidelines. The Planning Department also supports the City’s Planning Commission.
The Planning Department implements City plans and policies through the daily application of the land use code, which involves the processing of a variety of land use applications ranging from subdivisions to conditional use permits. The department reviews all building plans to ensure the proposed development meets the criteria for zoning, setback, landscaping, access, and other regulations for safe, orderly growth. Planning also works closely with the Urban Renewal District Agency, the Urban Renewal District Advisory Committee and the Reedsport Main Street Program  for revitalization and redevelopment within the district.
In 1992, the City Council and the Douglas County Board of Commissioners signed an intergovernmental agreement transferring development jurisdiction of the Urban Growth Boundary to the City of Reedsport, subjecting properties located within the Urban Growth Boundary to City administration and adopted standards.

Planning Department Directory

Contracted City Planner
(541) 271-3603
Court Clerk/Planning Technician
(541) 271-3603