Municipal Court


The Reedsport Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the city government. It has jurisdiction over all city ordinance and state law violations committed within the city limits, other than felonies.

If you have received a citation but are not sure how to proceed, the back side of the citation will explain your options, or call the Court office at 541-271-3603.

Your scheduled "Court Appearance Date, Time and Location" is located on the front of your citation at the bottom. If you are scheduled to appear on a CRIMINAL charge, it is imperative that you report to Court as ordered on your summons. Failing to appear on a criminal charge WILL result in a Bench Warrant being issued.

If you were issued a citation for a traffic offense, and would like to make a personal appearance, but you are unable to appear in person, you can contact the Court by phone or in writing. Failing to appear on a traffic offense will result in sanctions on your driving privileges, so it is important to appear as ordered either in person, by phone or in writing.

If you wish to enter a plea of Not Guilty, you must either appear in person, OR send in the yellow copy of your citation with Option 3 checked, signed and dated, OR submit your plea in writing. If you plead Not Guilty a trial date will be set on a later date.

If you wish to plead Guilty or No Contest, but want to make payments on the fines, you will need to ask the Court for a payment plan. There is a $25.00 fee to setup a payment plan.

If you need the assistance of an interpreter, you should contact the Court as early as possible so that an interpreter can be scheduled.


City of Reedsport Charter of 2006

Municipal Court Directory

Court Clerk/Planning Technician
(541) 271-3603