City Manager's Office

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council.  This official heads the administrative branch of the city government.  The position is responsible for coordinating and directing all city operations, projects, and programs.  The City Manager assists with City Council with delineating those goals that the City government will pursue and develops a plan of action to follow in pursuit of those goals.  Once a plan of action has been defined, the City Manager implements policies and directions through professional leadership and management practices to ensure that all operations are performed in a timely and respectful manner that is fiscally responsible.  The City Manager’s Office also oversees Human Resources and Risk Management. 

The City Recorder is hired by the City Manager. The City Recorder functions as a point of access for the general public and news media to elected officials, and the City of Reedsport in general. In addition to being the City's Elections Officer, the City Recorder is the City's Records Manager, maintaining and distributing the Reedsport Municipal Code, the Reedsport Charter, ordinances, resolutions, and administrative orders. The City Recorder also manages the City's archives, coordinates public records requests, maintains all the City's contract files, and records city-related deeds and land use agreements. In addition, the City Recorder provides executive-level assistance to the City Manager.

Deanna Schafer, City Manager
City Manager/City Recorder
(541) 271-3603
Deputy City Recorder
(541) 271-1989