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The Mayor and the City Council are the legislative body for the City of Reedsport. They are responsible for setting all the policies and regulations for the City. They also serve on the City Budget Committee and make most of the final decisions on the City's financial activities. The City Council also appoints a City Manager, City Attorney and Municipal Court Judge.

Members of the City Council are elected by the City voters at large. City Council members are nominated by numbered positions and elected by the voters at large. Any eligible voter that has lived in the City of Reedsport for the last one-year period is eligible to serve on the City Council. Residence must be maintained in the City throughout the term of office.Vacancies on the Council are filled by a majority of the remaining members of the Council. Appointees filling a vacant unexpired term will serve until the next countywide election and elected member then serves until expiration of the original term.

Mayor's term - two (2) years. Election held even numbered years.

City Council positions – four (4) years. One position expires every other year.