Champion Park

Champion Park

Champion Park has gone to the dogs!

At the December, 2009 Reedsport City Council meeting, Champion Park was designated an Off-Leash Dog Park by the City Council.  This was recommended by the City’s Parks & Beautification Committee as a way to utilize Champion Park and support the many dog owners living in Reedsport and the many visitors we have who are traveling with their dogs. City staff installed three pet waste stations with bags and garbage cans and signs regarding the rules of the off-leash area. The old softball field fencing was removed, providing about 7 unfenced acres for dogs to run and play.

To further enhance the park, a small area (60' by 100') has been fenced off for use by small dogs who may be intimidated by the larger dogs using the park or who are not quite ready to be off-leash in the larger unfenced area.  A bench has been placed within this enclosure for dog owners to use while their dogs play.  The restrooms at Champion Park have also been reopened for the convenience of the park users.

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, it is important that your dog plays well with other dogs and gets along with other people before letting him or her off-leash.  Keeping your canine friend upon his or her vaccinations is especially important since it will be interacting with other dogs.  Also, please be sure to clean up after your dog.  For safety reasons, puppies younger than four months and female dogs in heat are not allowed off-leash.

It’s hoped that by having this official off-leash area for dogs within the City, citizens will have an opportunity to exercise and play with their canine companions in a safe environment without disturbing others.  Please remember that within the rest of Reedsport’s city limits, you are required to prevent your dog from running at large on anyone else’s property.  This requirement is commonly called a “leash law”.  Also, you should not let your dog trespass on others’ private property even if they’re on a leash.

Champion Park can be accessed from the parking lot of the Oregon Dunes/Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center or from Juniper Street on the west side of Highway 101.

Champion Park
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